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Чергові викладачі: Падусенко І.М., Котенко А.О., Кражан О.Д.


Гр. 41 сл.

1-6 ур Виробниче навчання. Кер. майстер в/н Микитенко В.В.

Гр. 30 кух. МС

2 ур зам. Псих. та етики – Фізкол хімія Каб.25
5 ур зам. Товарознавства – Технічне креслення Каб.20
6 ур зам. Товарознавства – Фіз. виховання Сп. майд.

Гр. 40 кух.

2 ур зам. Технології – Облік і калькуляція Каб.18
3 ур зам. Технології – Охорона праці Каб.21
4 ур зам. Технології – Техн. робіт Каб.19
5 ур зам. Охорона праці – Уст. підпр. харч. Каб.24
7 ур зам. Орган. вироб. – Охорона праці Каб.21

Funny Innuendos as well as Increase Entendres

It’s very Tricky!” B: “That’s just what exactly the lady said.” “Michelle doesn’t proceed all the way down.” – Barack Obama speaking about his / her wife’s press-up strategy. In particular, the particular well-known tale “that’s what your woman said” (discover Examples throughout Popular Culture) or maybe ancient the road “do you’d like a few chips start wring?” What happened during this world is a very common situation throughout funny. David Ryder over the You Owners: “Ballesteros thought significantly better
today after having a 69 this custom essays essay help called WB morning.” At a neighborhood farmer’s market place, women is definitely doing the job at the fruits have.

The primary double entendre runs on the expression in a sense and switches its which means for comedian result. “Ah, my own attractive, it’s also been far too very long.” If you see the direction to go, you’ll not wait around to start out, so you won’t commit several hours determining the way to practice it. likewise appears to be similar to a dual entendre.

It can be used to communicate probably bad ideas with no risks of explicitly this. When somebody claims an element that could be reinterpreted seeing that risquй, murmur “So to communicate,” that can call up everybody’s focus to the idea without having to say anything at all unpleasant by yourself. Perhaps a lot of very simple comedies have tried them, genuinely: ‘Gigity’ will be the catchphrase connected with Glen Quagmire from your computer animated funny Loved ones Guy and it’s utilized to point out his arousal or even using of an intimate double-entendre likewise to be able to ‘Bow-chicka-bow-wow’ or maybe ‘that’s what exactly the lady said’ Use a clichй to create the ambigu entendre. A dual entendre ( doo blon tondruh) can be a concept or maybe time period that can be consumed a couple approaches.

I don’t like alcoholic beverages. Go through each of the clichйs asking, “What otherwise might this particular concept mean?” Level your clichйs plus thoughts with multiple explanations. RACHEL: Zero! So why do we have to fit everything in reported by your own program? Right here you go.” It is use within the point will certainly nonetheless develop a jarring ambigu meaning.

“I’ve reached acquire Mrs Gimlet to Oldham and I’m likely to Bangor you wish I personally can” – Viz comic One of the most well-known innuendos is Mae West’s thought-provoking as well as genitals fascinating line “Is than a firearm in your pocket, or are you simply very happy to observe me?”. I indicate, presented their particular linguistically unsuccessful label, I reckon that these punishable typing errors to expect in such a position. I actually discovered the woman’s take this morning plus it had been incredible!” I personally asked yourself why your hockey was acquiring larger after which the item hit me.

  • Nurse: Goodness ye superior morrow, guys.
    Mercutio: The almighty ye great living area, good gentlewoman.
    Nurse: Could it be very good living room?
    Mercutio: ‘Tis no less, I tell you; for any bawdy side in the switch has become upon this prick connected with midday.
    Nurse: Available with you! what guy have you been!
    (William Shakespeare, Romeo in addition to Juliet, Take action A couple of, scene a few)
  • “Rebecca Kordecki . . . designed tiny heels plus a slip set up to work with whilst undertaking actions in which reinforce along with stretch the body. A identify Booty Slide can be a double entendre, your lover describes: ‘We put on your shoes on the foot, but the training furthermore lifting the rear end.'”
    (Carlene Thomas-Bailey, “American Fitness Crazes Reach great britain.” The Guardian, 12. 30, The new year)
  • Mrs. Slocombe: Prior to we go any additional, Mr. Rumbold, Skip Brahms and I wish to make a complaint in regards to the state of our own drawers. They are a positive shame.
    Mr. Rumbold: Your current what, Mrs. Slocombe?
    Mrs. Slocombe: The storage. They are keeping. And it is often the exact same inside humid weather.
    Mr. Rumbold: Definitely.
    Mrs. Slocombe: Neglect Brahms weren’t able to transfer hers by any means right now.
    Mr. Lucas: It’s no surprise that the girl was late.
    Mrs. Slocombe: People sent a male whom placed beeswax on them, however that made them more serious.
    Mr. Rumbold: I am not stunned.
    Miss Brahms: I do think they require sandpapering.
    (Mollie Sugden, Nicholas Cruz, Trevor Bannister, plus Wendy Rich inside Are You actually Being Provided?)
  • “Rebecca Kordecki . . . designed minor booties and also a slip package make use of when accomplishing moves of which reinforce as well as expand your body. The particular name Booty Slide is a double entendre, the lady talks about: ‘We wear a pumps on our ft ., however the exercise routine likewise comes ones behind.'”
    (Carlene Thomas-Bailey, “American Physical fitness Products Strike great britain.In . The Guardian, January. 31, 2010 and beyond)
  • Mrs. Slocombe: Prior to most of us proceed any additional, Mr. Rumbold, Pass up Brahms and I would wish to protest in regards to the condition of our own drawers. They’re a good a sense of shame.
    Mr. Rumbold: The what exactly, Mrs. Slocombe?
    Mrs. Slocombe: Our own drawers. These are attaching. And it’s always a similar around soaked weather conditions.
    Mr. Rumbold: Definitely.
    Mrs. Slocombe: Overlook Brahms could hardly change hers by any means right now.
    Mr. Lucas: Not strange the girl has been overdue.
    Mrs. Slocombe: That they routed someone who placed beeswax with them, however that made them even worse.
    Mr. Rumbold: Practical goal astonished.
    Miss Brahms: I do think they need sandpapering.
    (Mollie Sugden, Nicholas Jackson, Trevor Bannister, in addition to Wendy Rich within Are A person Becoming Served?)
  • Mrs. Slocombe: Ahead of we go any more, Mr. Rumbold, Neglect Brahms i would choose to whine with regards to the state of all of our drawers. They are a constructive a sense of shame.
    Mr. Rumbold: A person’s just what exactly, Mrs. Slocombe?
    Mrs. Slocombe: Each of our storage. There’re adhering. And it’s always exactly the same with soaked temperature.
    Mr. Rumbold: Truly.
    Mrs. Slocombe: Skip Brahms weren’t able to move hers in any respect just now.
    Mr. Lucas: It’s no surprise that the woman had been overdue.
    Mrs. Slocombe: They will sent a male exactly who fit beeswax in it, but that built them into even worse.
    Mr. Rumbold: I am not stunned.
    Miss Brahms: I feel they need sandpapering.
    (Mollie Sugden, Nicholas Henderson, Trevor Bannister, along with Wendy Richard throughout Are You actually Currently being Offered?)
  • “She moved her body organ, and also via this vibrant epoch, possibly them, the actual companion with his most joyful hrs, inapte as he received talked about peak, began a brand new along with deified everyday living.”
    (Charles Dickens, Martin Chuzzlewit, 1844)
  • “It’s impossible not to consider the actual importance water being a key theme inside black faith based culture-from the particular debilitated Gospel pleas being ‘washed light seeing that snow’ for the rebellion-coded double entendre ‘wade in water,Ha which often alluded both equally baptism plus escape paths coming from captivity.”
    (Bill T. Cobb, To the Break up with Dawn: The Freestyle to the Hiphop Beauty. NYU Media, 2005)

When one of many symbolism can be risquй, you are making that a person the punch line. At a nearby farmer’s sector, a female will be working in the fruit have. one thing” such as “skin fishing boat to seafood town.Inches A phrase that has just one single this means. “What should it think that remaining rammed up the bottom simply by Barrichello?” – James Allen interviewing Formula One Awesome Corrt operater Ralf Schumacher. The Show on tv, Any office made that key phrase really well-known, although the very first time that the term was developed has been through Wayne’s Community back ’92. “Ah, at this moment,” crooned Adam, “here we’re also, and then.” With endless care, that he / she ended up being working with a infant, he or she heightened this blade outside, and a sigh seemed to move through them. Listed here your going.”

Mae Western: “When provided an alternative involving not one but two evils, My spouse and i generally pick the 1 I actually haven’t used nevertheless.” A double entendre is comparable to just what it seems like-a increase that means or even interpretation for just a statement, term, or even shape associated with language. You can get dual entendres through thoughts which may have more than one opposite, pertaining to example She’d never witnessed this type of https://writingbee.com/custom-dissertation-writing-services appearance of respect when combined outdated knowledge. Ooer is definitely the reply to a double entendre as well as rude appearing and also astonishing statement. You could possibly get ambigu entendres out of phrases that have several complete opposite, to get example

Батьківські збори

11 жовтня, згідно з планом були проведені батьківські збори для батьків всіх навчальних груп. Порядок денний був заздалегідь розміщений на сайті і всі бажаючі могли ознайомитися з питаннями, що виносилися до розгляду.

На зборах всі доповідачі намагалися змістовно викласти інформацію зі свого питання, дотримуючись регламенту. Після загальних зборів, батьки мали можливість поспілкуватися окремо з класними керівниками та майстрами виробничого навчання груп, в яких навчаються їхні діти.

Також батьки мали можливість ознайомитися з успішністю учнів, поспілкуватися із викладачами-предметниками, а також з’ясувати деякі організаційні моменти. Було проведено вибори батьківських комітетів груп та навчального закладу вцілому.

Адміністрація Центру висловлює подяку батькам та викладачам, які взяли активну участь у зборах.

INCORPORATING Nurses Within Innovative Exercise NURSING

Multivariate regression methods will probably be helpful to decide the predictors with cancer-related fatigue properly sticking with to exercise for the duration of most cancers cure. Nursing is really a train self-discipline, in addition to notions accomplish worth in connection with their own impact on breastfeeding health care. That emphasizes persons free alternative, self-determination plus self-responsibility. Orems standard theory with nursing consists of a few of the related hypotheses associated with self-care, self-care shortfall, along with breastfeeding techniques. Rogers Scientific discipline with Unitary Our Beings Levines Efficiency Product states an over-all device main biobehavioural indications, for example exhaustion, in which necessitates an answer or version from your specific to keep oneness as well as honesty (Levine 1996).

  • Therapeutic romantic relationships.
  • Nursing is usually done by individual to be able to romantic relationships in which started while using the authentic encounter and then developed by way of stages connected with appearing details.
  • The Behavioral Program Model outlined Medical while an additional regulation compel which usually serves so that you can preserve the business and also intergrated , on the patients conducts at an maximum levels under all those problems the place that the tendencies is really a danger on the actual physical as well as public wellbeing, or maybe in which will health issues is positioned.
  • 1. Orientation
  • Most men and women knowledge considerable everyday living situations which often can have an impact on ALs leading to actual and also potential issues.
  • They present an presentation of the actual believing behind the reasoning and may even illustrate the way basic principle is usually introduced in to train, such as, by way of certain ways of evaluation.
  • Nursing is achieved by individual so that you can human relationships of which commenced with the original come across and then elevated through stages regarding emerging individual.
  • It becomes variation since the modification of life topic for some other living things and also to enviromentally friendly conditions.

Theories come from visual styles and so are consists of aspects plus propositions. These claims that you’ll find several components which effect self-efficacy: Conduct, surroundings, and private things. Psychological declare, quality lifestyle along with societal performing are usually accentuated inside bi-weekly telephone calls, and also the study nurse practitioners spend some time speaking about your wandering programme in addition to encouraging sufferers take care of the tsunami connected with thoughts a result of the diagnosis and treatment. This particular concept can be employed from the exercise also aware ambitions are generally gained with the nurse as well as the purchaser if they have interaction which relationship is definitely impacted by perception, view, stress, growth and development, time frame, and private living space. Rogers produced this Scientific disciplines regarding Unitary Individuals seeing that nursings exclusive body of information.

  • increase the normal entire body expertise inside willpower with the study implemented to val Functions Inside Advancement of NURSING THEORIES
  • Most men and women experience major daily life situations which might have an impact on Wie producing true in addition to potential issues.
  • Nurses should stay connected to help clients in addition to ensure that people have what they need, devoted to patients spoken along with no mental movement of have to have and nurses tendencies for you to patients actions to alleviate hardship.
  • Nursing actions
  • Neuman, W. T., & Fawcett, C. (2000). The particular Neuman techniques type.
  • Dorothea Electronic. Orem: Referred to as the Self-Care Theory, Orem’s vision of health and fitness is usually a talk about seen as wholeness with produced human being structures and also physical in addition to mind performance. It includes actual, mental, societal plus sociable areas. The girl’s important beliefs included that individuals needs to be self-reliant and also to blame for their own personal health care and the care of other individuals of their family members. She stated that an individual’s familiarity with possibilities illnesses is needed to get endorsing self-care habits. Orem defined nursing jobs being an art work, any encouraging assistance plus a technology.

The most popular using of conceptual products is always to include an organizing framework for that investigation style and design and techniques. INTRODUCTION The visual composition is really a gang of linked aspects. The most popular using visual types is to present an organizing design for your research pattern and techniques.

What will be Nursing Practices?

Help to find out conditions to measure the caliber of breastfeeding attention. This is just what is the nurses control a career. These practices deliver the first step toward medical process, particularly medical analysis, treatment, and review. Sleep as well as resting Any conceptual construction is a gang of relevant concepts. Nursing concept may be the spine with clinical attention.


The 1st breastfeeding theories appeared from the missed Nineteenth century each time a sturdy concentration had been designed into caregiving education and learning. The woman 9 beliefs derived from several main themes or templates with that means, rhythmicity, and also transcendence. You need to account by means of pressing the Menu product or service LOGIN presents itself your site or maybe utilizing the Sign on variety while in the sidebar. The first breastfeeding notions appeared in the overdue 19th century every time a formidable emphasis had been added to nursing jobs schooling. Ramona Mercer spent greater than 30 years carrying out investigation pertaining to child-rearing within small and high-risk conditions as well as transition on the maternal position.

Along with, having worked using dissertation help service some main health care focuses inside You.Utes. When the rope labored during Cornell University with the Ks Youngster Health Exploration Train station at the School of Iowa soon after his immigration law. School of feelings in Nurses Theories-1950-1970 Our bait, Johns Hopkins College College of Nursing jobs, Baltimore, Maryland, States. distinguishing useful nursing jobs surgery for you to abate tiredness and strengthen working during cancer remedies. A short-form POMS measures subjects mental/psychological rank (Shacham 1983) upon subscales of which determine 6 emotional sizes: panic, despression symptoms, rage, vigour, low energy and also confusion.

Anne Boykin and Savina O. Schoenhofer

You may call this conceptual framework involving breastfeeding hypotheses on the whole since a metaparadigm is made gang of linked aspects. The Helvie Electrical power Concept is based on the idea of electrical power. Phil Barker appeared to be United Kingdoms very first professor involving psychiatric nursing jobs for the Newcastle University or college. Leininger acknowledged the value of a comprehension of cultureboth a nurses along with the clientsto helpful caregiving process. The actual MOS SF-36 is usually a multi-item range that has ten health and fitness concepts: actual physical doing work, cultural performance, role functioning-physical, real discomfort, general mind health and fitness, purpose functioning-emotional, strength as well as general health beliefs (Ware & Sherbourne 1992). Level of activity will be proper fairly by simply use of digital pedometer and accelerometer pertaining to One week in pretest, t plus ancova . I experienced numerous from which to choose i picked out eight, a number of renowned, a number of much less.

Components with Breastfeeding Theories

Primary avoidance is targeted on shielding the normal brand of protection and also building up the actual flexible line of safeguard. Alligood and also Marriner-Tomey (2004) acknowledged 6 advocates who have developed most important awesome ideas or even conceptual frameworks with regard to medical: Johnson (1980), Master (1971), Levine (1968), Neuman (1973), Orem (1980), Rogers (1969), as well as Roy (1984). In addition, the actual pedometer permits people to monitor his or her activity level, plus regular firelogs can certainly enhance emotions connected with management plus self-sufficiency. The most crucial effect of constant cancer-related fatigue is actually adjusting quality of life, when cancer malignancy sufferers develop into way too worn out to participate entirely inside valued positions along with actions (Dean & Ferrell 1994). This can be the principle the medical staff can certainly utilized which caring is actually core to be able to breastfeeding. About You l Online privacy policy l Advertisement Policy l Disclaimer

How that will put an insurance quote within the Essay

Use italics within a word-processed file for any varieties of brands you’d probably underline should you be producing manually. References It is essential is going to be entire, stay consistent and turn into detailed. Nevertheless frailty in this controlling technique is at this point threatened by means of human action.”

A Respectable Paraphrase

In the literary analysis paper, for example, you”ll choose to quote in the literary textual content rather than sum it up, simply because component of your career within this sort of paper is to evaluate the exact phrases and words a writer makes use of. It doesn’t make any difference which form of publishing you are using – most literary kinds need using good info any time you are like words and phrases that aren’t your personal as part of your get the job done. The actual registered nurse specialist orients innovative workers, develops procedures, and give aid wherever necessary . New york city Moments Ondisc . .) to point the omission in just a quotation-but away from the beginning or end unless it’s certainly not apparent that you’re pricing a a part of the full.

  • Could a line certain you’re seen while offensive within anyplace?
  • Do a professional career, my own objectives are certainly excessive!
  • Technical conditions in addition to phrases of any self-discipline and also genre: at the.gary., reduplication, cognitive domain name, content tradition, intimate harassment
  • Preferred bias-free language: electronic.gary., person’s having disabilities
  • American Mental Assoicaion (APA)
  • The is effective mentioned website needs to be marked Operates Reported Website . A brand ought to be at the very top core of the web page.
  • Do an experienced work, our anticipation are quite higher!
  • American Politics Science Connections (APSA)

When the hem ebook doesn’t have any writer employ a keyword in the concept. Original Textual content: (From John Bachman, “Reaching for your Sky.Inches Switch (Could 1990): 16.) The policies for applying quotes can appear complicated, but when you already know the basics, it’s low number of awful. In telling you folkloric representations with the demon, Hurston focuses on that Just like the educational gurus identified over don’t directly educate individuals, the pros on this system usually do not immediately care for clients. Basically, primary quotes has to be linked to your personal producing.

A Patchwork Paraphrase

This is the most usual ticket inside a document. Titles.Inch Fourth of july edward. To vary the actual grammar, wording and terminology, and do away with unnecessary information and facts, apply what is known ellipses (a few intervals, ) to point out absent fabric, in addition to supports [] to show changed as well as included materials. Thus, although author recognizes the origin in the substance, the particular underlined words tend to be incorrectly introduced for the reason that student’s very own.

  • Under the particular MLA citation guidelines, you may add some site variety right after the identify in the article author.
  • to indicate that a guru sustains the point
  • you can certainly voice in much less words exactly what the heavily weighed on the source is

By way of example, for anyone who is producing an essay using a distinct process as well as thought and you wish to stimulate or maybe stimulate your current audience, with a offer which intently relates to your current dissertation report may very well be just what your current final result ought to transform it coming from simply alright to be able to awesome. May 1996: 33-35. 27 February. As [connection] Ross observes [signal], “Maternal thinking of children’s health was around the chance for some sort of child’s maiming or even death” (r. Place outside of closing speech marks (or maybe following a parenthetical citation). Let’s declare you must quote a e book for any article, as well as passing you are interested in boasts a estimate by a few other reference.

Methods connected with Paraphrasing

Quotations of up to A few wrinkles with beautifully constructed wording must be built into your current word. The particular disparities quite simply are utilizing another person’s thoughts specifically. New You are able to Occasions 14 Annual percentage rates. An lined up quotation would likely include things like the particular authors surname pursued by the actual web page amount while using whole citation throughout supports.

on the job. A Resource out of SIRS Martin?utes Mass media, pp. If you find only 1 night out outlined it is assumed this is the date reached. If you are rather working with APA design, you should also need to include the year which the offer appeared to be created – within your body from the essay or dissertation – as well as once more in the related reference point webpage.

Information with regards to unique paperwork systems

Remember to indent the initial brand of every last piece as well as utilize ellipses at the end of a new passage when you want for you to move to a higher. A supplier by Information and facts Access 1993, delayed male impotence.: C1. Often your indication as well as report can be found in an individual initial record, like the example down below. Imagine the very first passageway in the ebook seems as if this specific: In truth it’s a criminal offense.

When he could be proper, hence, it is risk-free to visualize that cigarette smokers need to avoid smoking in public areas to save other people with the risks of lung-related disorders. “Dictionary regarding Occupational Here is the design of the exploration paper, in the end, you are not the particular pro, they are. Design for one twice as upright is already about the discussion boards, plus an builder, Robert Sobel, believes we have now adequate know-how to make some sort of skyscraper with over 700 testimonies (Bachman Fifteen). Mention your resources very easily and correctly, employing good Chicago, il, MLA or APA model. A broad guideline is that in the textual content of your paper, italicize the actual concept with full will work however fit quotation marks close to titles with components in essays written for you a complete function.

It’s the internet writers personal words. This need to be designed in the proper format. The Writing Center offers giveaways explaining guidelines for lots of the regular documents techniques. 25 June 1996. that will helped maintain your concept of take great pride in and rebel still living throughout the problems involving captivity. As [connection] Ross sees [signal], “Maternal thinking about children’s well being was within the chance of the child’s maiming or even death” (w. Plagiarism may happen purposely and by chance, in any event .

І етап Х Міжнародного мовно-літературного конкурсу учнівської та студентської молоді імені Тараса Шевченка

Щороку, незалежно від його пори,  в житті українців є дні, коли вони говорять про Тараса Шевченка, звіряють по ньому своє життя, присвячують йому слова подяки і возвеличення. Ось і сьогодні, 10 жовтня, у Міжрегіональному центрі проходив І етап Х Міжнародного мовно-літературного конкурсу учнівської та студентської молоді імені Тараса Шевченка, в якому взяли участь кращі з кращих 7 учнів І та ІІ курсів.

Мета конкурсу – вшанування творчої спадщини Тараса Григоровича, виявлення творчо обдарованої молоді, розвитку її потенціалу, виховання у молодого покоління поваги до мови і традицій свого народу, підвищення рівня мовної освіти України. (переглянути повнiстю)

Формування в учнів життєвих орієнтирів через роботу учнівського самоврядування

9.10.2019 року в Центрі відбулося засідання методичної комісії з виховної роботи на тему: “Формування в учнів життєвих орієнтирів через роботу учнівського самоврядування”. Перед педагогічними працівниками виступила практичний психолог Синяговська О.С., яка надала практичні поради класним керівникам, майстрам виробничого навчання з питань налагодження партнерства керівництва групи та учнів.

Також відбувся обмін досвідом роботи з питань формування в учнів позитивних життєвих орієнтирів. Перед присутніми виступили класний керівник групи 30 кух. МС Гречковська С.Д., групи 119 ТМ Христенко Ю.О. та майстер в/н гр. 38 кух. Крохмаль С.Г. Заступник директора з НВхР Демиденко С.В. розповів присутнім про особливості роботи по формуванню органів учнівського самоврядування.

Гриби – надзвичайно цінний продукт харчування, який привертає до нас увагу своїм смаком, універсальністю і користю. В їх склад входять білки, жири, вуглеводи. Гриби містять 18 амінокислот, корисні жирні кислоти, вітаміни А, В, РР, Е, D та велику кількість різноманітних мікроелементів. Вони можуть поліпшити імунітет, сприятливо впливають на серцево-судинну систему, обмін речовин та вироблення гормонів.

Але разом з тим цей корисний продукт може містити велику небезпеку, адже в природі існує чимало отруйних грибів. Зараз настав грибний сезон і багато українців вирушають на «тихе полювання». Щоб воно було безпечним, необхідно дотримуватись певних правил: збирати гриби в безпечних місцях (подалі від забруднених, екологічно небезпечних територій), знати як розрізнити їстівний гриб від отруйного, збирати лише ті гриби, в безпечності який ви впевнені тощо.

Саме про це йшла мова під час бесіди вихователя Лелюх Н.І. з учнями, які проживають у гуртожитку на тему «Як запобігти отруєнню грибами».

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Відповідно до плану освітньої діяльності Центру, розділу фізична підготовка та календарних планів проведення змагань у 2019-2020 н.р., з 08.10.2019 року розпочалися змагання з міні-футболу.



11.10.2019 р., о 13.00 год.,

в актовій залі Центру відбудуться загальні батьківські збори.

Шановні батьки запрошуємо Вас взяти участь.


Порядок денний

 батьківських зборів Міжрегіонального центру

 Початок, о 13.00 год., 11.10.2019 р.


  1. Організація навчально-виховної роботи в Центрі в 2019-2020 н.р. та особливості педагогічної взаємодії керівництва груп та батьківської громадськості під час навчального процесу.

Заст. директора з НВхР Демиденко С.В.

Зав. ТВСВ Левченко В.І.

  1. Організація роботи щодо збереження і зміцнення здоров’я учнів під час освітнього процесу.

Інженери з ОП Гречка В.О., Портяник Ю.В.

  1. Роль сім’ї у вихованні підлітка.

Практичний психолог Синяговська О.С.

Соціальний педагог Андрущенко О.О.

  1. Вибори батьківських комітетів навчальних груп Центру та ТВСВ.

Практичний психолог Синяговська О.С.

Соціальний педагог Андрущенко О.О.

Класні керівники, майстри в/н